Private internet as it should be helps protect your internet activity from the advertising network; trackers, malware, spyware, cryptojacking, ransomware, scam, phishing — end to end.

DNS Resolvers

It always starts with DNS.

DNS is one of the core of the internet. For instance, when you visit, the DNS resolvers will translate into an IP address like first because computers can only talk through their IP addresses and we—as humans—remember words rather than numbers more easily.

But sometimes the services we use and love send requests to something we have no control over like third-party trackers. Or maybe something that makes them use your computer's CPU to mine cryptocurrency right from your browser. Or maybe some random prince from Nigeria sends you a link in an email that directs you to a scam, or worse, a "phishing" site that promises you an easy $31,337,000 money.

edgyDNS diagram

Anyways, edgyDNS will protect your from that kind of threats done at the DNS level. Kinda like a firewall but with almost zero-config required. This kind of thing is known as a "DNS Sinkhole" if you're curious.

And also, with some goodies:

  • Only secure transport protocols from DoH, DoT, DoQ (under maintenance) support to give you more choices securely.
  • No EDNS Client Subnet (ECS) to give you more privacy
  • No logs are ever written to disk, to give you even more privacy
  • Block requests to advertising networks, trackers, phishing sites, etc etc, to gives you more protection
  • Queries are secured and validated with DNSSEC, to give you even more protection
  • Powered by Open Source technology from blocky, Unbound, to PowerDNS — very no proprietary software!
  • Experimental support for community-powered alternative Root Servers from OpenNIC to Handshake — very edgy!
  • Non-cached domains are queried recursively by our own upstream — very independent!
  • Servers hosted in Indonesia via the Amazon Web Services (ap-southeast-3) network — very less latency!

You can click here to start using edgyDNS.

Web Proxy

Need to mask your real IP address without configuring any VPN? You deserve it.

In order to protect our IP address reputation, at this time we only provide you with routable IPv6 addresses. The only drawback is that your current ISP must provide you a IPv6 so your computer can talk to us, but we're excited to explore more to break that barrier.

edgyPROXY diagram

Web Proxy don't anonymize your identity, but they can help you hide it. As for now we supports:

You can click here to start using edgyPROXY (edgyDNS is included!)


Hi, I'm Rizaldy, the person behind this service. Everyday I use my own service on all my devices to protect my internet activities, as I advertised it. Since my services doesn't log any activity at all, I'm using "local/fake VPN" approach on my device to proxy DNS queries so I can find out which domain address my device is contacting to, done on my device and never leave anywhere (and you probably should too).

The internet is all about trust. You don't have to trust me in handling your "internet packets" as they are always end-to-end encrypted (thanks to the HTTPS/TLS/QUIC protocols) and in theory, I know your IP address & what websites you visit (as well as your ISP) I just don't know what content it is and I don't care either.

To help protect user identities—as well as my services—my current approach is:

  • No logs are ever written to disk (even to syslog and /dev/stdout) because they all belong to /dev/null and they deserve it. When something goes wrong, I think the solution is to turn it off and on again?
  • No native IPv4 support. That's kinda sucks, but I kinda trust in RFC 4941 on "Privacy Extensions for Stateless Address Autoconfiguration in IPv6" or something known as Stateless Address Auto Configuration (SLAAC) and will look further into what IPv6 can help in protecting the identity of internet users.
  • No monitoring. Well, actually not really. I use vnstat(1) to monitor network bandwidth usage and lsof(8) basically to find out what ports are listening on my server. My service is just to forward your internet packets, and that's it.

But services cost money, right?

While I can pay for it myself (actually only ~300k IDR/mo) I also offer a premium service called edgy+ to make the project more sustainable, to show love, and to support me in further research related to this domain. You can click here to learn more about edgy+ in case you didn't click on the link above.

My mission is to make the internet a little less sucks by providing a DNS sinkhole and masking your identity by providing a Web Proxy. My (non-superuser) friends often asked me to do it for them and now I'm making it public with some easy-to-follow-ish guides so I don't have to do it myself again and also so it can be used for anyone.